• 1. Inspect

    We employ a rigorous procedure to assess our couches before taking them into our collection. Ensuring there are no major imperfections or damages.

  • 2. First stages of cleaning

    A process by implementing both dry and wet vacuuming. The initial step in removing of any surface level stains. This prepares each couch for the steam cleaning and sanitization stage.

  • 3. Steam & Sanitize

    Our steam cleaning and sanitizing process rejuvenates your couch, extends cleanliness, and effectively eliminates germs, bacteria, and allergens. This ensures a refreshed appearance, longer-lasting cleanliness, and a thoroughly sanitized couch.

  • 4. Detailing:

    Every couch undergoes a final screening process to ensure nothing is overlooked. This guarantees that your couch is carefully examined to match a high quality and standard upon delivery.

Peek into some of the process!

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