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The Associate

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Color: Light Tan/Beige 
Designer:  Private Designer
Condition: Excellent 
Material: Leather- (Suede)  
Comfort level: Seating- Medium // Backrest- Medium
Dimensions (Inches): 102" x 69" // Height: 27.5"

Grading System

Our team inspects every couch in order to assess the overall quality of its condition. We prioritize transparency and honesty, aiming to provide accurate information about each couch in our grading process.

New: These couches have never been owned before and or have been reupholstered.

Excellent: Impeccable condition. Free from any tears, stains, or repairs.

Great: Exhibits no major flaws. However, there may be very slight fading, pilling or negligible marks.

Good: May show signs of wear, minor fading or small flaws. Remains highly presentable, functional, and usable.

Preparing For Delivery

Please self-verify specific measurements relating to your home and new furniture prior to placing your order.

Measure Furniture:

Furniture dimensions are available on our website on each product. The dimensions provided on our website are: Width x Depth x Height, in inches.

Measure Living Area:

In order to ensure a safe and efficient passage for the delivery team, be mindful to measure the heights and widths of hallways and door accesses. This includes elevators for buildings.

Shipping & Delivery Info

Our full-service delivery guarantees a seamless and professional experience. Our staff specializes in handling heavy delicate items, ensuring your couch arrives where it needs to be without a scratch! 

Expect a delivery team of “Two Guys”… that will unwrap, assemble, and set up your “One Couch”… till satisfaction.

View in person! Tell us the name of the couch, and when you're ready to visit!